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What sets us apart?

It is well known that the environment in which any cell grows or resides has a direct impact in its functionality, safety and efficacy. This is true to all in-vitro processes related to cell growing, including its handling and transportation.

Taking this into consideration, this is what puts GRP18 on the international map for Advanced Stem Cell research. The microenvironment in which a cell lives within our body, is called Cellular Niche (Schofield works 1978) and it is an important factor on how the cell evolves or behaves, especially when it reacts to other cell types.

A very important aspect of our facility is the consciousness of the time lapse between the cells leaving the lab and the application to the patient. This time is critical for the cells’ viability. The conditions in which the cells must be transported can have a negative impact. The longer the journey the higher the risk of a diminished treatment efficacy. Therefore most, if not all treatments will be performed in house.

At GRP 18, this time is reduced to 10 minutes maximum.

At GRP 18, we envision a model that recognizes the importance of the cellular niche, developing the highest therapeutic effect i.e. inside the patient’s body. Working under the umbrella of The Clinic, one of the most prestigious medical clinics in San Miguel de Allende, we pride ourselves in knowing our local community and our patient’s individually. Therefore having a deeper understanding of their conditions before treatments. This enables us to provide comprehensive, personalized plans and directions to get the most beneficial benefits to the applied stem cell treatment. This personalized attention is now offered to our national and international clients and patients.

A very important part of our research and growing knowledge of the Stem Cell treatments is our post treatment followup program and digital app. This will enable us to track and measure our patients progress.