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At GRP 18…

We are aware that there is a great responsibility for all laboratories, health care companies, research institutions and even down to the personnel involved with this new and promising science. It is in our hands to take care of this thriving discipline to fulfill its potential.

The best way to do this is to conduct ourselves under the most transparent and strictest ethical values, always putting our patients’ safety and needs as our top priority. At GRP18 we take this responsibility very seriously. We only use the best products in all our processes and ensure GMP facilities, complying with stringent national and international safety and quality control standards. We use bio-safety testing of our laboratory by independently certified organizations.

Processing takes place within our state of the art laboratory. Which houses 2, Class II type A2 biosafety cabinets, i.e. class 5 in microbiological control and a “white” or class 6 outdoor area.

GRP 18 is located in the 2nd best city in the world, according to Travel + Leisure 2020 awards; San Miguel de Allende; México: