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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the beginning of life and are cells that exist naturally in our body.

Stem cells are the suppliers of all the new cells that are responsible for the regeneration of tissues, thus maintaining the healthy body.
One of their essential characteristics is how they can “become” a different type of cell, therefore with changing functions. They are able to repair damaged tissues, thus restoring the functions of organs atrophied by disease, accident or aging.

Another characteristic of stem cells is how they help to generate the appropriate conditions for other cells to restore their functions naturally. Providing a multi layer effect in restoring or repairing tissues and organs. Our immune system can overreact and turn against itself. This syndrome is known as cytokine storm and can be fatal. This is another area where stem cells can be very helpful, as they have shown to enhance immune system activity. Therefore eliminating the immune system’s overreaction.

Stem cell treatments or Advanced Cell Therapies are part of Regenerative Medicine, an emerging and interdisciplinary field that aims at the replacement or regeneration of structurally or functionally damaged tissues, cells or organs.

Other disciplines that Integrate Regenerative Medicine are genetic and tissue engineering. Meaning there are possibilities, in the near future of growing organs. These new technologies open great possibilities for successful therapies and treatments for many conditions; from the simplest to those whom we thought were without a cure.