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Currently we are working with Mesenchymal Stems Cells using two different techniques:

  • Abdominal Body Fat: for Autologous therapies.
  • Wharton Jelly: for Allogeneic therapies (legally donated Wharton Jelly tissue.)

The capacity of a Stem Cell to form other cell types, is called differentiation. According to its class Stem Cells have distinct differentiation tendencies. Mesenchymal Stem Cells tend to differentiate, in-vitro, towards osteoblast (bone), chondroblasts (cartilage)
and adipocytes (fatty tissue). Therefore they are first used to treat degenerative diseases.

Evidence suggests that mesenchymal stem cells are present in a variety of organs in order to replenish the multiple types of differentiated cells that are part of our tissues. Therapeutic applications of mesenchymal stem cells have received great acceptance. As we stated in the previous sections, we develop safe and effective cell-based regenerative therapies, based on each patient’s specific needs or conditions.

We firmly believe, to get the maximum benefits from this technology we must personalize our therapies to match the patient’s conditions, needs and even ways of life.

We don’t suggest or promote a one-fits-all approach.

Should you need more information or have any questions regarding specific diseases or conditions, please feel free to contact us. ( here we need a link in contact us) It is a privilege for us to explore with you, ways to improve your quality of life